So you fell in love in Spain! Fret Not! There is a way to travel, live, work, and love in beautiful Spain. But, you need to start the process to obtain the Pareja De Hecho. One member in the couple NEEDS to be a citizen or have a long-term residence in Spain then the other can become a resident too (even a Non-EU citizen). You want to make sure that you do not encounter different problems when you are trying to enter, visit, or live in the country. Knowing your rights within the laws of the country is very important as well as respectful to the country. So to get started let’s start with a few things to understand.

What is the Pareja De Hecho

This is a document that proves a couple has a registered partnership within the Spanish community of a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. It has been in place for nearly a decade. It must be made by two single people through a civil register or notary. The notary can explain more, but here are some of the benefits.


  • Extend you time in Spain or Europe
  • Have rights equal to a civil marriage
  • Taxes are done separately
  • Non-EU resident can obtain a long-term residence (if done only with an EU citizen with Long-Term Residence or a Spanish Citizen)
  • Non-EU can become a citizen in 1 year (if partnered with a Spanish citizen)

How to Get the Pareja De Hecho

1. Requirements

  • You must live in the same household
  • Must be formed by 2 single individuals
  • Must not be relatives
  • Must be inscribed by a notary
  • Sign a statement swearing the Pareja De Hecho
  • Fill out a request form
  • Pay a fee for registration

2. Documents Needed

  • EU resident documents:
    • Residence Card and Passport from EU member state (if needed)
    • Empadronamiento or Certificate of Residence
  • Non-EU resident documents:
    • Passport & NIE (if you have one)
    • Empadronamiento

If you need help getting your Empadronamiento click here!

3. Apply – Visit a Notary & Schedule appointment.

It’s easy, but the only problem is that the requirements differ for each city and region. But for the most part, Notaries would be able to give a Pareja de hecho, or point you to the appropriate place and list the appropriate documents needed. If done with a Notary then it will be very quick and done on the appointment day and you will have official paperwork. In Barcelona, Preja De Hecho used to be handled at the Town Hall, but because of the amount of work, required it was moved to be managed by the Notary. So now it is done completely at the Notary, copies of your documents are kept there, and put into the civil registry. A similar process is done in this way in other cities as well.

4. Complete

There you have the Pareja De Hecho! Your partner who is a Non-EU resident will be able to apply for a long-term residence card giving them the ability to live, work, and travel in and out of Spain!

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