The hard part about visiting Spain is how to not fall in love with it. In the last four years, almost 100.000 (source) foreigners came to this region “just to visit” and decided to live there and, maybe, become a Spanish citizen. It is not fair to blame them, a country with such different cultures, amazing food and where you can spend the morning playing at the beach and the afternoon skiing in the snow is not easy to forget.

Empadronamiento is the first step to achieve this dream and become a “La Roja”(the name the locals give to their Spain National football team) supporter. Below you are going to see a tutorial that makes applying for it as easy as eating a lot of tapas.


Empadronamiento is the administrative register that includes all the neighbours who live or usually reside in one municipality.


Basically, you will need the Empadronamiento in order to apply for other documents or facilities like NIE, Health insurance Card, buying a vehicle, getting married.


  • Passport (original + copy)
  • NIE (if you already have it)
  • Bill that you paid the rent (if you don´t own the flat/house)
  • Proof of address:
    • if you own the property: original copy of the title deeds
    • if you’re renting a flat: original copy of the rental agreement in Spanish (contract must be for more than 6 months, signed within the last 5 years)
    • if you rent a room:
      • written document from the owner of the flat stating you reside at the address + signed copy of his/her ID
      •  – or –
      • autorización expresa – document signed by a person already registered (empadronado) at your address + signed copy of his/her ID

Quick Tip 1: If you are renting a room/place for Spotahome, Uniplaces or other websites like this, you should contact your possible landlord first, and make sure that he can make a contract for you. The easiest way to be empadronado is with a rent contract.


You can ask for a Citá Previa online and go to the nearest Ayuntamiento (town hall) in your neighbourhood.

Quick Tip 2: If in Barcelona, you don’t need a Cita Previa in the main town hall (Pl. St Miguel 3), but arrive early!

Now that you know how to start the process, there are other steps that you must do to #staysafe in Spain. It is highly recommended you do some search about other themes like: NIE, Pareja de Hecho, How to work in Spain, Insurances in Spain.

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