This post is destined to experienced lawyers and for those who recently became or have the dream to become one. Here you can see what kinds of skills the world is now demanding of your profession and how you could offer a better service.

If you think you don’t fit in the category, keep in mind that most people need, even for consultation, a lawyer at least one time in your life. So make sure to consider these topics in order to choose a good attorney and solve your problem in the best way possible.

Emotional Intelligence

You don’t need to be a lawyer to upgrade your skills in E.I., every relationship can be improved with small doses of Emotional Intelligence. But specifically speaking about attorneys: your clients need our empathy, perspective and personal connection to feel safe with you and trust your advice. Be distant so you can judge better without getting emotionally involved, is part of an ancient belief that doesn’t fit in the world nowadays.

Technological affinity


Maybe because of dealing with the law is one of the oldest professions, lawyers have grown accustomed to going unchallenged on their technological backwardness. In a world where people spend more time online than offline, it isn’t acceptable that you can’t make an appointment by email or do some quick consultancy through Skype or WhatsApp. Technology is a great ally, if you don’t use it to your advantage, others will use it and are using it.

Time management.

“I am too busy” this phrase is no longer a privilege for those that have an agenda full of clients and appointments, nowadays everyone has a lot of things to do and not so much time to spend on these things. Because of this, lawyers must know how to prioritise their tasks and manage their time. That way you can be accessible for your clients (without excuses) and for yourself, your personal projects and life too.

Team Work


Most people already know this, but it must be reinforced, nobody needs to work alone. Even when you do some internet searches you are counting on other people who wrote the article or recorded a video. The world is becoming more and more collaborative, and lawyers who collaborate have the chance to bring the best of their team with them, their opinions, specialisations and even other skills which are not your speciality. Growing with your team is better than growing with your ego.

Of course that are a lot of other skills that a lawyer must have, just to list three: Public Speaking Skills, Writing Skills, Logical Thinking Ability. These are intrinsic features that all good lawyers should have.

If you think you could add something, please fell free to share your opinion in the comments box below.

References: Environmentallawjobs, Oxford-royale


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