For study or work, to start a new life, to search for better options of living or simply to immerse in a new culture. Each day, more and more people are questioning if there is a (good) life out there.

Questions like: “Is it safe?”, “How easy it is to find a job there?”, “Will people accept me?”, “What about health systems and education?” keep haunting the minds of everyone who have ever thought about life in another country.

To help with these doubts (and maybe some others too) here is a list of the best countries to immigrate, what are their qualities and why you should be considering them as your destination.



There are places where you look for opportunities, Canada is the place where opportunities look for you. Because of the need for a workforce, the country offers countless opportunities for skilled workers from all around the world. Besides the high quality of life, good public education and health system, Canada seems to be immune to the growing waves against immigrants, what makes the land of Peanut Butter (yeah! They invented it) one of the best places do live abroad



Just like Canada, Australia is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. Lots of job opportunities and, if you go study there, is very easy to extend your visa and be there for more time. Good health, transport, education and one more great attraction, the Aussies. Always interested in meet new people, go for an adventure and enjoy the life. It is an easy place to go and easier to fall in love with.



Scandinavia is one of the most peaceful, prosperous, cold (must tell the truth) regions on earth, and Norway consistently tops lists of equality, happiness, and standard of living. Despite being the motherland of the Vikings, you don’t need to worry, Norway is the 5th safest country in the world. Because of a well developed (and responsible) oil industry, engineers and technical workers are very welcome.

The United Arab Emirates


Because of the constantly growing oil industry, UAE is in need of massive manpower to fill the gaps of high employee demands. Want more? It is a tax-free nation where citizens do not have to pay any personal tax. If you aren’t convinced yet, you must know that UAE has a very low crime rate, lots of universities, amazing architectural structures and entertainment options. If you had any preconceptions about this country in your life, forget them and start considering it as your next ZIP code.

New Zealand


As all the countries that are listed above, New Zealand is a very immigration friendly country with low crime rate, good health system and high standards of living and education. Besides all of these qualities, NZ is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, these islands own a very peculiar cultural heritage, such a distinct biodiversity of animals, plants and geography. What happens in New Zealand, stays in New Zealand, which means that, unlike Las Vegas, all that you can see, live, touch there you can’t experience anywhere else around the world!

Now you know some of the best spots to start a new life outside your country, but keep in mind that all these places have their own visa requirements to immigrate. Let us know what more you want to understand about the legal formalities of a specific country by sending us a message in the reply area below.


References: Insider Monkey, Immigroup


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