What do people look for in an attorney? Most of all, I believe, we try to find the best one for the right price. But what makes the best? There are many qualities that a lawyer could have, or maybe not have. None the less we did a survey questioning regular people what they believe are the most important attributes to know of a lawyer when you are looking for an attorney. Whether they had a lawyer in the past or not. Why would we ask people that never used a lawyer? Because these are the ones that don’t know. What in the world are they thinking? Let’s find out.

Most Important Qualities You believe an attorney should have

In order to find out what people want most in a lawyer, we had a list of 8 different qualities (Communication skills, Experience, Judgement, Analytical Skills, Creativity, Perseverance, Interpersonal skills, and Research Skills). Out of these qualities, we asked what are the 3 most important.

1st Most Important Quality Desired: Communication Skills

28% Ranked this and the  Most Important Quality. Of course, this probably should be the most important. An attorney with no skill in communicating with other people may have a difficult time speaking for you in court. Who in the world wants that? A great communicator would be able to be very concise, write very clearly, maybe possess good skills at negotiating or persuading your case, and charisma. But beyond being able to speak and write well the lawyer will need to be able to listen and be able to know what to communicate and how. Precisely dealing with legal documents this is a much-needed quality and very desired by most people. Having an attorney that is great at communicating could very much set the difference in your situation.

2nd Most Important Quality Desired: Experience

21% say the 2nd Most Important is the Experience. Lawyers with much experience especially in specific locations, probably know the ins and outs or probably know exactly how to get things done within the legal arena. This could help you a great deal especially when dealing with time or probably having issues with understanding the specifics of legal requirements. Most of the time Lawyers with much experience may have ways or access to resources others may not. But it’s also good to understand what 20 years of experience contain. It’s always good to do your research in order to get your situations solved how you want them.

3rd Most Important Quality Desired: Analytical Skills

Ranked as the 3rd most important by 17% but for good reason. As previously stated, “IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO DO YOUR RESEARCH!” And it’s even better if you have an attorney that does his research too! Information is the turning tide between many grey, black, and white areas. Knowledge is key, and being able to know where or how to look for the right information in the particular area will make a world of help for your entire situation.


Give the people what they are looking for! Looking at this list of results can help with making clients, future clients, and people trying to find a lawyer feel safer to choose when you express your skills around these areas. Of course, expose all your skills, but strategically. Although all of these qualities are good for an attorney to poses, I think it’s safe to say that when giving or exposing your information, whether to people or online, it needs to be around these particular qualities. I hope this helps with the lawyers giving info and people looking for lawyer info! If you have any thoughts please comment and let us know!

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