Before entering the results, it is important to understand the main objectives of a research. The first, and most obvious, is to answer a question, in our case, the question was “How is the process of hiring an advocacy service and what are the aspects taken in this choice”. We also think that knowing the market and its consumer is the most accurate way to create a strategy for it and deliver a value proposition to your interests. Considering that this blog is not focused on marketing for lawyers, our survey is primarily aimed at creating and foment discussion around the industry, getting to know its characteristics and raising further questions around the subject.


Most of the survey responses are from people around 25-34, they are equally shared between male and female, and employed full time or students. One conclusion that we can draw from this is that there is a significant range of young people who have already needed a lawyer. The research doesn’t give us enough information to confirm, but we can imagine things like marriage, immigration and even business start-up, could be the reasons why they are searching for attorneys. Another point of attention is the need for fast and no bureaucratic communication, which is not an intrinsic characteristic of the legal world but a very important feature of this generation.


We invite respondents to do two rankings, one was “Most Important Qualities You believe an attorney should have”. Because
we think this is a very important topic we dedicate a whole post to this aspect, you can check it here. The other one was “The most important information needed when choosing an attorney”, for this question, reputation, customer reviews and success/awards, in this order, were the highlights. That data shows how important is to have good references. In this world where people are getting used to rating all the services they consume, maybe, with you is a lawyer, it is a good time to start thinking about the number of “stars” you may have.

Where to find a lawyer?
This final aspect confirms the consideration of the good references mentioned above. When asked “How is the best way to find a lawyer”, 56% of respondents mentioned “Friends or Family”, google and other online search tools come in second with “only” 33%. Another interesting case is that people who have had some previous experience with a law firm have commented that the main aspect that made them choose such a lawyer was the recommendation of a friend or relative, 67% of the respondents. What you can notice from this is that hiring a law firm is closely related to referrals and that the narrower the bond between people the greater the chance that this opinion will be taken.

Share with us what your opinions are about the results. Do you agree? Disagree? Want to know more? Let us know in the comments below.


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