There are always some interesting laws in every country which are weird and makes no sense sometimes. Let me share a few strange laws that exist in Spain .

1. Love walking your dogs?  When in Madrid, be aware that you cannot hit the streets with more than 8 of your besties at a time, unless you want to receive a penalty.


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2. Madrid still has a very bizarre law in existence. Between the times of 3:29 PM and 6:47 PM, people cannot ask one another what time it is. After all, Spaniards do take their siesta seriously!


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3.The tradition of throwing rice after a wedding ceremony is banned in Cadiz. The flocking of the birds must really be an issue!


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4. If you are in Seville, you cannot hang obscene clothes on a line. It is also illegal to shake out clothes or rugs on the streets.


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5. Palma de Mallorca now charges $820 for anybody that chooses to be topless in the city center. Don’t worry folks, this rule doesn’t apply when you are on the beach.


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6. Prostitutes in Catalonia have to wear safety vests while they are on their job. If they don’t, they risk a fine for breaching a law which states that pedestrians on major highways must wear high visibility garments.


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7. Think twice before you name your kid in Spain! There are some naming restrictions that have to be followed. For example, you can’t name your kid Coco or Mandarina since they are names of fruits.


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Do you know of other unusual laws? Let me know in the comments section !



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