7 Strange Laws in Spain

There are always some interesting laws in every country which are weird and makes no sense sometimes. Let me share a few strange laws that exist in Spain . 1. Love walking your dogs? ¬†When in Madrid, be aware that you cannot hit the streets with more than 8 of your besties at a time, … Continue reading 7 Strange Laws in Spain


#HowToSpain – Obtaining a work permit for Spain

Does the lovely warm climate of Spain make you want to start working there? Luckily, the economy and the employment rate have been steadily rising in recent years indicating a higher demand for foreign workers from Spanish employers. In order to live and work in Spain, you need a residence and work permit which are … Continue reading #HowToSpain – Obtaining a work permit for Spain

10 Legal terms you need to know

Have you ever had conversations with your attorney and not understood most of the things discussed? They speak English, but it still seems like a foreign language. Yes, my friends, lawyers have their own Klingon and it's called Legalese! Legalese¬†is made up of a whole lot of legal terminologies and academic words related to law. … Continue reading 10 Legal terms you need to know